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Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm, Fri: 8am – 1pm, Sat: BY APOINTMENT

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Why Choose Us

Mountain View Dental Team strives to provide high quality, comprehensive dental treatment to all patients. This includes those patients that are very young and difficult to treat, as well as the physically, emotionally, and mentally disabled persons. Mountain View Dental Team and associates want to eradicate dental disease and dental fear in all of our patients.



Our Mission

To be the best dental practice in the state of Virginia by providing dental anesthesia, pediatric dentistry, general dentistry, Periodontic and Oral and Maxillofacial services. We strive to achieve fantastic results with the most friendly, efficient staff and doctors in the community. We aim to go above and beyond to treat and teach our patients with compassion and proficiency on prevention and home care to maintain good dental health. We embrace our community and reach out to become a vital part of it. Our promise is to always work with the highest level of integrity to create and maintain long-lasting dental relationships. We will continually advance our knowledge and expertise in all areas of dental health to provide the highest quality of care.

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