As dentists in Harrisonburg, Staunton, Waynesboro, VA, and surrounding areas, we want to help keep your teeth healthy. A lot of times people give you endless lists of things to DO for your dental health, but today we want to give you the DON’TS. Here are 3 things that you should not do in concerns about your overall dental health!

1. Don’t Smoke

There are A LOT of reasons not to smoke, but if you’re interested in keeping those pearly whites, then this is a bigger incentive to quit or limit your cigarette intake. Cigarettes are chock-full of harsh chemicals that stain, rot, and ruin the health and looks of anyone’s teeth. If this could serve as one reason to quit smoking, then we’re glad we could help.

2. Don’t Hang on To That Old Toothbrush

You should get in the habit of replacing your toothbrush or your toothbrush head OFTEN. Toothbrushes are really only effective for 3 months. Toothbrushes go through a lot scrubbing off bacteria and plaque. You don’t want to clean your teeth with all those used up and germy bristles. Luckily toothbrushes are pretty cheap, so there’s no excuse not to replace every 3 months!

3. Don’t Be Scared to Ask for Help

A lot of people are intimidated and are hesitant to see the dentist. The problem is that you shouldn’t wait until everything is awful to seek dental health. Make sure you see a dentist every 6 months to make sure that your teeth are doing okay. This will prevent you from expensive dental treatments later on.

Need More Help?

Our dentists in Harrisonburg, Staunton, Waynesboro, VA, and surrounding areas at Mountain View Dental Want to help. Mountain View Dental Team strives to provide high quality, comprehensive dental treatment to all patients. This includes those patients that are very young and difficult to treat, as well as the physically, emotionally, and mentally disabled persons. Mountain View Dental Team and associates want to eradicate dental disease and dental fear in all of our patients. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today.